Gamesload European Newcomer Award: The Nominees

on 13.08.2010
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We’ve submitted Astroslugs to the Gamesload European Newcomer Award which is a category in the European Games Award. The award show will be held tomorrow at 8 PM on board of a ship cruising on the river Rhine in Cologne. We’re pretty amazed that we’ll be able to participate, no at least because the first prize in our category is 2,5k EUR and a distrubition deal with the German-based game portal Gamesload. In preparation for tomorrow’s show, we’ve put together a list of the other cool games that have been nominated in the same category.


Critical Wave - a Dual-Stick-Shooter for the iPhone by Grannies-Games

Corporate Property - a 3D first-person Jump’n’Run by a student team from Games Academy

Night of Joeanne - a horror game by student team Sluggerfly from MDH Düsseldorf

War Commander - a Sci-Fi browser game

Hacker Evolution: Untold - a game about hacking by exosyphen studios

Imagine Earth - a “Serious Casual Game” by Serious Brothers

Sui&Cide - a suicidal 2D Jump’n’Run by a student team from Games Academy

Well, that’s some pretty amazing stuff. Some student games have already won other awards or are nominiated for the German Video Games Award so that’s some pretty high-quality competition. Good luck to everyone and see you tomorrow!

Alex Zacherl

PS: There’s a few more nominees but we haven’t managed to find any information on them on the web. We hope that we can see (and maybe even play) them tomorrow.

  • Abaddons Erbe
  • Affinitaet
  • Avalanche
  • Last Exit
  • Ping
  • Online Battles
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